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Looking forward to the seasons sailing

Looking forward to the seasons sailing

So the boats all prepared for the summer season once again, but there  are always bits that get forgotten, so it's worth taking a few minutes  double checking.
First aid kit, check it's all there and in date.  Chuck in some sea sickness pills, you never know when it strikes and  it's no respecter of who it gets.
Flares, in date? take the time to  read how they work, there's nothing worse than trying to work out how  they work when your bobbing around in your liferaft.
It's always a good idea to leave some dry clothes on board, sailing is no fun if you're cold and wet.
Water  tanks, make sure they're clean and full. Want a cuppa but there's no  water on board, it's annoying as hell  " water water everywhere and not a  drop to drink"
Ropes, check them through and make sure there's no wear or fraying. Having a halyard part can ruin a weekends sailing.

Blocks, flush them through with a bit of fresh water.

Fridge, fill it with wine and beer and you're ready to sail.



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