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Get ready for winter

Get ready for winter

It's getting to that ime of year when the boat has to come out of the water. Either to be laid up ready for the next season or coming out to get work done on your pride and joy. It's worth taking some time, maybe over a glass of wine? to make a list of the jobs that need to be done over the winter layup.

Prioritise on your list as murphys law says that there will never be enough time to do it all. So make safety the priority check your liferafts and lifejackets and get them serviced. Ensure that all electronics work and remove any units that may be affected over the winter and put them somewhere nice and dry, the airing cupboard is always a good bet.

Order your antifoul for next season to ensure that you have it when you need it next year and you're not scrabbling around trying to find it in your chandlers. It's suprising how many people have changed the colour of the antifoul on their beloved boat to something that resembles a Friday night curry because the normal colour they used had sold out!

Make a list of any painting that needs doing and any repairs order the items needed. That way on any spare time you may have, you can do one of the jobs.

Book the engine service early to allow any parts needed to be ordered in, once again you can start the season on time. I have known people miss most of a season whilst waiting on a hard to get engine part. Also annoying their engineer with endless "is it ready" phone calls.

Remove any lines from the boat and rinse them, hang them to dry and put away carefully. This lengthens the life of them, keeps them nice and supple and stops the green mossy look.

When you have done all the jobs that you can and are one step ahead of all your friends that have boats, step back admire your work, be proud of yourself and book the holiday you've been promising the family all winter.

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