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Bill Brown bags

Bill Brown bags

Harwoods has sold Bill's bags almost from the begining of his company and we now have this seasons bags in stock. With his shabby chic designs and easy styling they are a great summer accompaniment to any outfit and just at home on the beach.

Bill Brown established his company in 1997. His designs are made from natural products  such as hand loom cotton, linen, canvas, coconut shells, wood, and  hessian jute. Our fabric dying process is environmentally friendly. Most designs can be machine washed on a "delicate" setting.

Our factory in Kerala was founded in 1939 as a Handloom fabrics  manufacturing unit. All of its products are manufactured using natural  yarn like cotton, linen and jute. The textiles have  Skal International  Certificates for the delivery of sustainable textile products. The colours / dyes used are Azo free and we have a very efficient  pollution treatment plant. The treated effluent is used for watering the  coconut farm. We do our utmost to look after our local environment as best we can.

Our factory is an SA 8000 certified company (Social Accountability)  which prohibits child and forced labour and guarantees the workers the  right to bargain, making sure that they will be paid the wages as per  government rules. Working hours are restricted to 8 hours in a day and  maximum 48 hours in a week.  All workers are covered under a Health Insurance scheme.

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